Desert Nights Casino. A Special Casino for the Most Exigent Players

Desert Night Casino is an establishment with an impressive design in the style of fascinating Arabian nights, so, from the very start you plunge in the environment of colours and fragrances typical for life in an Arabian desert. You might even feel that your real world has stayed somewhere far away, in all those techno-cities and settlements, and you are crossing the powerful Arabian desert on a camel. What are you doing there? looking for a hidden treasure? Who knows, maybe you will hit one of the jackpots, it definitely can be compared with a treasure of the Arabian desert.

Are you feeling amazed and impatient to start the adventurous and so much promising journey? Desert Nights Casino is waiting for you. But the main its difference from any desert is that it is very safe. There are no those dangers that would be waiting for you in a desert, however, all the treasures are there. So, what or whom do you owe the renowned safety of DesertNights? The response is evident: it is a Curacao regulator and its license.

What actually a license means to a casino? A Curacao license alone would cost any gambling operator a couple of hundreds of dollars, leave alone its renewals and maintenance. So, if a casino, in our case it is Desert Nights Casino, holds a license issued by this watchdog, it means a lot.

First of all, it is a financial stability of the casino. The license is not cheap, so, if the casino has some financial issues, it will not be able to afford it. you might be asking why you should be worried by this. Well, only a financially stable casino is able to pay out your winnings if you hit a jackpot or if you win some thousands of USD.

Further, it means that the games of the casino are tested. Many players doubt if the casino can adjust the slots and other games results to the advantage of the house. So, if the casino is licensed it means that its games are tested and checked if their results are based on the RNG (the Random Number Generator). For you, it means that you can count on your luck only. If it is on your side, you will definitely win something.

Your funds are protected even if the casino fails. Some of the funds are invested by any licensed casino in a special foundation that is aimed to protect gamblers from unexpected surprises. In case the worst happens, you can count at least on some part of your investment.

Finally, you can always complain to a regulator if you have problems. Usually, the casinos don’t want to get into a trouble with watchdogs, because the licensing procedure is not short and easy, and the license itself isn`t cheap.

The casino has a download and an instant play options, which is rather rare now and could be hardly expected from a modern online casino. Moreover, in any review you can find information, that an instant play version offers less games, while the full range of games if offered exclusively for download and installation.

Games Offered by Desert Nights Casino

The Rival Gaming Platform that is behind DesertNights promises the most fascinating games, and you will not be betrayed in your expectations. Here, you find anything a dedicated player can find.

Slots on the site

Well, in some regard, here, a surprise is waiting for you. We have already mentioned about the Rival Gaming, but you definitely couldn’t expect that the entire casino works on it! Well, it means, the presence of some very nice games as well as a complete absence of some world known brands.

So, here we go, wit slots offering from DesertNights.

A typical selection of video slots of Rival Gaming. The most popular names are Alladin`s Wishes, Spartan Warrior, Enchanted Garden, and many more.

  • iSlots are one of the most famous sections by What about trying them? Here, you are a participant of some story, and you are completing missions, getting awards, and so on.
  • 5-reels slots for the most advanced gamblers where you can increase the paylines number to some thousands;
  • 3-reel slots; any casino story would not be complete without them.
  • Many other slots of all the themes, just anything you might wish to try out;
  • All the popular progressive jackpots, a casino would be not complete without them.

Table games, such as Baccarat, all the possible types of it, Blackjack, many kinds of it, as well, Roulette, the queen of any casino, Craps, a game even for the most exigent players, and so on. You might be missing some more or less typical options provided by Microgaming, for example, but in general, here, you can find just anything what you want if you are not looking for particular options.

Some special options like Keno, Bingo, Sudoku and many other things for players who love non-common solutions are online on DesertNights Casino, as well.

Mobile DesertNights Casino Is Finally Available

It was not until very recently when a mobile version of DesertNights Casino was not available at all. But now, following the latest trends and requests from the side of the clients, the casino not only refurbished its desktop version, but finally can treat its users with a highly functional mobile app. You can download it to your mobile, Android or iOS, and enjoy the absolute majority of games offers available in the Casino Desert Nights. As well, an instant play version is available, so, you can just login from your preferred device and enjoy all your advantages from the same account as you use for a desktop version.

Bonuses and Special Offers to New and Loyal Customers

Bonuses are one of the main reasons why Desert Nights is so popular with many gamblers, to be more precise, a no deposit bonus that the casino offers upon sign up attracts many. It is clear that if a casino offers a no deposit bonus upon account registration, the sum just cannot be high, otherwise, the casino would have gone bankrupt.

So, Desert Nights offers a 10 USD no deposit bonus to any player who sings up and starts gambling. It is enough to test the games and to win something, and even to start wishing to continue playing and winning in this stunning casino. So, you can do it. You can even cash out all that you win along with the bonus money, of course, after you complete wagering. You need to wager your funds 50x, and you can withdraw any sum up to 170 USD with it. So, you can hardly count on a jackpot, but you can win rather significant money. Wagering requirements are rather average, so, what about trying it?

Welcome Bonus

An offer for new players is one more kind of promotions that attracts many players. Desert Nights makes different offers to players from different countries. It is unclear why the casino does it but in any case, you can be sure you are not going to be left without a welcome bonus. So, here we go, with different bonuses and different conditions for different countries!

Gamblers from the USA and Australia get a special treat of 250% from your very initial deposit, and the bonus sum can reach the stunning 2,550 USD or Australian dollars, depending on where you are located. You don’t need anything, any bonus code to get it. Just make the initial deposit, note please that you should deposit a sum between 25 and 1,020 USD (AUD) to qualify for this impressive welcome offer, and receive the money. Hey, and no worries! Wagering is much lower here, just 35x, instead of 50x. So, you get a super lucrative bonus that you just need to claim, without bothering to look for any special bonus code, and you get very decent wagering conditions! What a treat indeed!

But with it, we would not limit our review. There are more bonuses, for the valued players from all the accepted countries! Here we go, with the most stunning offers ever!

Weekend Treat

Every weekend, you can get a 100% treat on your bonus plus 50 USD additionally. Wagering conditions are just 28x, so, it is a very good opportunity to boost your account for a nice sum of money. Why is the Casino Desert Nights so generous? Well, because everybody loves the weekends, we guess, and the casino loves its players. A bonus code? No, it is not needed, just claim your bonus and spend on your favorite games. Who knows, maybe you win many times more, so, what about giving it a try?

Reload Bonus? It Is Available Every Month!

Every month, you get a 177% reload bonus. Well, ok, not everybody receives it but only those gamblers who deposit 500 USD. You end up with an entire sum of 1,385 USD, here, we calculated all the funds: those that you get as a bonus and the deposited funds! It looks very lucrative, indeed. And again, you don’t need to look for any bonus code to get it. the only condition is the deposit, and that’s it.

Make the Middle of Your Week Happier with a Midweek Bonus

One more bonus definitely attracts players and keeps them moving on with the casino: a midweek bonus up to 250% from your deposit. You can get as much as 625 USD as a bonus, and if this is the sum you want, your deposit should be 250 USD. Do you want less? No problem, just deposit a smaller sum.

Of course, nothing is given for absolutely free in the casino world, except some free spins, maybe, so, wagering conditions apply here, as well. You need to wager your funds 45x to get an opportunity to cash it out.

Do You Love Cashbacks? This Casino Is Created for You!

Every Monday, you get compensated for all the losses you endured during the last week. The casino gives tokens for a particular sum that you can again spend on your favorite games. The sum depends on your losses of course. So, here are some examples, to make sure you understand it correctly:

  • 100-149 USD lost – you get a token for 20 USD
  • 150 – 249 USD lost – your token sum is 35 USD

And further on.

Free Spins? There Are of Course

During playing, you can get many free spins in different games. Complete missions, unlock new difficulty levels, get amazing awards, including the numerous free spins. Do you want to try?

VIP Program

Here, you start from the Bronze level and move up. The VIP membership is exceptionally lucrative to any gamblers because you get not only amazing special offers but an opportunity to participate in tournaments where you can win millions of dollars! Your privileges depend on your level, but you can just believe that they are just a fun:

VIP Explorer

  • Birthday presents from the casino
  • VIP offers for players
  • Free games on the newest games.

VIP Bronze

  • In addition to the previously mentioned special offers, you get special points every time you do wagering;
  • Cash back on a weekly basis;
  • Withdrawals are faster and the sums are higher;
  • A specially assigned VIP manager, they call him/her dedicated one;

Ad further, these pros move with you up to the highest, the gold level. Of course, there are differences in the cash back %, in presents, and so on. But more exact details you can find out while moving up in the ladder of the loyalty program, step-by-step.

Referral Bonus Exists Here

For each friend that comes because you have recommended the casino, and makes the first deposit, of course, you get 50 USD! This bonus is becoming very rare indeed, so, use this opportunity before Desert Nights change their mind!

Banking Methods Are Accessible

On, you can find all the popular and safe ways to deposit your funds as well as to cash out your winnings. Just make sure you select the cheapest and the fastest option that qualifies for bonuses.

  • Visa and Mastercard cards – any of them, no restrictions applied. Note please that for a withdrawal, you might need to wait a couple of days due to the usual banks` policy. They do not hurry to credit funds, so, if it is not an issue for you, why not?
  • Skrill – one of the safest and the most popular e-wallets in the world, except Australia. Make your deposits and get instant withdrawals immediately after the casino processes your request. Note please that Skrill is not always eligible for receiving bonuses, so make sure you can get your welcome bonus if you use Skrill.
  • Neteller is also one of the most popular and safest e-wallets in the world, but it again cannot be used in Australia and New Zealand, due to local restrictions. As well, some countries have limitations, so, you might be not able to claim your welcome bonus. Hence, check all rules and conditions before selecting it as a deposit & withdrawal method and definitely before you make with it your first deposit if you count on a welcome bonus.
  • Easy EFT, a payment way used for South Africans only. Well, it is used to deposit only, and to withdraw their funds, they need to use a different way.
  • EcoPayz, one more limited option, it is used only for Euro, New Zealand dollars and British Pounds, and only to deposit, not to withdraw funds.
  • American Express is used for USD, as you could have suspected.
  • Check, yes, it still works for some cases. But here, you can use it only for USD.
  • Wire transfer – you can get your money directly to your bank account. It takes some time, but in the very end, this is one of those few methods that are not limited to any country.

Some more options might be available depending on the country, to find out more about them, just select the one that looks attractive to you and ask the casino support about the details. Note please as well one more important detail: there are more options to deposit money than withdraw it. So, check twice everything.

Safety Online It Taken a Proper Care of

When you are registering your account, withdrawing money, depositing money, you are safe. A powerful software encrypts all your data to provide the maximum of safety online. It means that even if a super smart hacker decides to break into the security system of the casino and steals your data, he gets just strings of random symbols with no indication on how they should be arranged to decrypt information. These efforts do not have any sense and any reasonable base, because without a key, to encrypt your data, the poor cyber criminal would need hundreds of years and the most powerful software.

So, whenever you are online, you can provide any information on this website.

Customer Support Is Available

If we had to select the best customer support 2021, one of the options would be definitely Desert Nights casino customer support team. They are professional kind, never leave a single question without a proper and a thorough response.

You can contact them 24/7 via:

  • Live chat: we recommend to do it if you have an urgent issue. This is the fastest way to get a reply to everything that is worrying you.
  • e-mail: here, it is recommended to contact a customer support agent when you have a long story to tell and a couple of documents to attach. As well, it works for cases when it is preferable to keep the communication history.
  • Phone: it is a favorite way to contact a customer support agent if one likes to speak to people, to hear some live voice you know.
  • Fax: well, we are not sure how efficient or convenient it is to contact a casino via fax to get some assistance. Ok, if you use a fax machine at home, it might work, but other than that, we sincerely doubt.

As you can see, there are options for everybody, even if you use the rarest way to communicate: the fax. So whenever you need them, they are there, always online, always ready to help.

Our Verdict: Is It Worth Your Effort?

So, what is the general impression about Desert Nights Casino? We would say, it is pretty fine. The casino has just 150 games, but they all are so carefully selected that you will definitely find all the wished options. You might be missing the realistic experience of a live casino though. But we sincerely believe that Desert Nights will add it somewhen soon.

A mobile version could be also more advanced, without the need to download a mobile app. But considering that the casino has added it just recently, we cannot be too demanding. It is quite efficient though and works flawlessly.

Bonuses and special offers 2021 are among the best in the market. No, seriously, without any exaggerations. And if the casino wants to make you feel special, you can always count on a bonus code that will bring you a special present or offer.

This is one of those few casinos that offers cash as a non-deposit bonus and pays you for referring your friends. You would do it anyway if you enjoy the experience, but definitely for the payment, people are more enthusiastic.

This is one of those casinos that cater players from the majority of countries, including England, Canada, the USA, New Zealand,
European countries, and so on. The only restriction is if the gambling is restricted in the country at all.

Finally, here, on their website, you will find all the possible assistance a gambler might wish.

Do you want to try this very special casino? You can do it without depositing a single cent, just sign up.

by Rosalie Powell